123 Runes: Cast runes online

Runes represent a system of wisdom, power and clairvoyance. With their origins in Celtic mythology, Runes are made up of an alphabet that was used by the Druids and priests of former Germanic or Nordic tribes and are a very effective divination tool. Using them enables us to face and deal with problems, as well as unveiling the secrets of energy and harmony.

Runes work wonderfully well when you hesitate about which path to take, attitude to adopt or choice to make, as well as in resolving dilemmas. The analysis of runes, stone by stone, is both precise and to the point, leaving no room for doubt. Rune readings will enable you to identify immediate future developments. We know that what you experience today follows on from the way you have lived over the past few days. It is therefore important to know exactly what influences have a bearing on your immediate future. You will ultimately know where you are heading and understand the consequences of your recent actions.

So that you can obtain the best possible answers to your questions, we are offering you a 3-rune reading, which will tell you whether you will have a chance of fulfilling your current aspirations. Runes are easy to use for asking questions, as the runic alphabet is made up of 24 letters (or runes), to which is added a twenty-fifth rune (WYRD), which has no written form and plays the role of joker. Because of their formation, some runes are said to be irreversible, which means that, regardless of their position, they will always have the same meaning. This is the case for runes 9. Hagalaz, 10. Naudhiz, 11. Is, 12. Jera, 13 Eihwaz, 16. Sowilo, 22. Ingwaz, 23. Dawaz, and Wyrd, also known as the white rune.

Before you do your reading, you will need to concentrate fully, because runes require clear and precise questions to be able to give a coherent response. Clear your head completely and focus with intensity on what is preoccupying your mind, but avoid formulating a question that demands a yes or no answer. You will then discover the message that will help you follow the right path. You can also read your free love compatibility to get some interesting insights about your relationship.